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Wart Removal Laser

Dr. Halinski uses a Flashlamp Pulsed Dye Laser for the treatment of warts. This laser provides patients with a minimally painful surgery and post-surgery experience, a much shorter recovery time to return to normal activities almost immediately, and little or no anesthetic required. Clinical studies have proven that laser treatment of resistant warts is successful where acids, cryogenics, chemical agents, and surgical excision have failed.

Many patients describe each laser pulse, which lasts for only a fraction of a second, as a snapping rubber band against the skin. The pulsed dye laser leaves no open wounds following the treatment, resulting in little or no chance of post-treatment infection.

The laser treatment works by selective absorption of laser energy by the blood supply, which feeds the wart. The treated area then separates from the skin and gradually sloughs off. Depending on the size and type of wart, some conditions will respond to the very first treatment, but most conditions will require additional treatment sessions.

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