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Pinpointe Laser

Catherine Halinski, DPM is the second certified PinPointe FootLaser provider in Illinois. The patented PinPointe FootLaser is a specially designed laser beam that goes through the nail and safely reduces the infection in the nail bed that cause Onychomycosis—more commonly known as nail fungus. It is FDA cleared and backed by significant clinical research. The laser is a major leap forward in medical technology to safely treat nail fungus, and most patients improve after their first treatment.  


Watch the video below to learn more about Pinpointe Laser:


How does the laser work and is it painful?

The laser is a specially designed, patented device that shines through your toenail and vaporizes the fungus causing germs embedded in your nail bed and nail plate.  The laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue. There is minimal to no discomfort associated with the treatment during or after.

How long does the treatment take?

The entire treatment and consultation typically takes about an hour.  It takes approximately ten minutes to treat a big toe. However, all ten toes are treated. The vast majority of our patients require only one treatment.

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Does it really work?

Our clinical studies to date reveal that over 80% of treated patients show significant improvement. In most cases, fungal nails are completely cured.  On average a toenail will replace itself every nine to twelve months, but healthy new growth will be visible within the first three months.

Is the treatment safe?

In our clinical studies, there have been no adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities nor known side effects. As you may know, the use of medication available today for the treatment of fungal nails carries with it possible systemic involvement (commonly the liver and the kidney). The Pinpoint Laser Treatment is also cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Do I have to take any drugs as part of the treatment?

No oral drugs are required.

Can I walk after the treatment?

Yes, you will be able to walk out just as well as you walked in. The treatment does not harm you in any way.

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Does my insurance pay for this?

Currently this procedure is not included as a health insurance benefit, but health savings and flexible savings accounts do cover the procedure.  

How can I pay for the procedure?

We accept cash, check or credit card as payment.  The amount is due in full at the time of the treatment.

How much does it cost?

The procedure costs $950.  Should a patient need an additional round of treatment, the cost would only be $475.  The decision for another round of treatment would come after the nail has had a chance to grow out (9 months – 1 year).  This only occurs if both the patient and Dr. Halinski agree after a consultation that another round of treatment is necessary.


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